The new world of energy – a problem of power fluctuation

In the near future, amount of energy is less a problem than increasing fluctuation of power.

Industrial Peak Shaving

Smoothing the electric demand of power with hybrid battery system: Reduction of power peaks for energy intensive industrial companies.

  • Active power management without intervention of the production processes (instead of power shifting)

  • Reduction of electric energy cost 20-40%

  • Increasing reliability (power quality)

  • Integration of renewables

  • RoI for the customer/user: 15% up to >80% (unleveraged)

Prime Power Supply

Demand side: End-users (customers), Supply side: Utilities, Grid operators (TSO)

  • Stabilizing the power supply from the grid (power quality)

  • No down time, no yield loss & recommissioning

  • Avoiding grid CAPEX, avoiding local power plants

  • Scaling new business & tariff models in areas with weak power grids

  • RoI for investors: 12-30% (unleveraged)

Frequency Regulation / Primary Power Control

Transmission System Operators (TSOs) via investors & power utilities (owner of hybrid/battery systems)

  • Stabilizing the power Grid

  • Regulated and controlled market

  • Weekly and daily payment per tender

  • RoI for investors: 12-20% (unleveraged)